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So, do you remember how i told you all i was currently doing an internship with an online fashion blog/website The Urban Silhouette, well i just completed my first feature story on an up and coming Uganda born, Australian designer Susan Mutesi the brains behind Achea-Mpong. I posted my feature story for you all to read if you get the chance. I would love to hear some feedback so don't hesitate to comment! 

Achea-Mpong is the brainchild of designer Susan Mutesi.

The name Achea-Mpong comes from the Japanese word ‘Achea’ meaning high and African word ‘Mpong’ which means achievement- brought together to mean high achievement.

From growing up in one of the world’s most exotic metropolis Ughanda, Mutesi’s future soon saw the conception of a never-ending love for fashion.

As a young girl, Mutesi began playing with African fiber dolls and dressing her friends using only the clothes in her wardrobe.

“I endeavored to make extraordinary yet inexpensive clothes for dolls. I played with a lot of colours, mixed and matched outfits, and styled up my friends and sisters.” Mutesi said.

After making the move to Australia to complete high school, Mutesi’s fire in her belly only got stronger.

Teaching herself only the basics of design such as alterations and mending torn clothes on a sewing machine, she knew “to be recognized as a fashion designer I had to develop skills, in techniques like sewing, garment construction, pattern making, marketing and illustrations.”

Mutesi was soon accepted into Australia’s most top ranked design institutions, Raffles KvB Institute of Technology, graduating in a Bachelor of Design and majoring in Fashion.

In 2009, Mutesi’s first collection was born, promising to carry an Afro centric vibe throughout all that she does.

Before beginning any collection, Mutesi, like most other designers does her research to see how she is ranked, who her direct and indirect competitors are to assist in knowing her targets, trends and pricing etc.

“I aim to make designs appending a cultural twirl in style, thus making them unique in Australian markets.” She says.

Fast-forward three years and Mutesi has produced yet another work of art, possibly being her most personal and captivating collection yet.

The Spring/Summer 2012 collection is heavily influenced by her African roots, through rich fabrics, sensuality and the subtle, soft beauty of women. Achea-Mpong produces clothes that depict traditional African culture with a medley of ethnic prints, swirling with classic exotic heritage, and a touch of westernized technology.

The newest line features Cocktail, Black-tie and red carpet ready creations including backless silk gowns and short strapless styles in bright colours and prints, as well as the odd jacket and pants in dynamic hues which is guaranteed to leave a crowd breathless. 

Achea-Mpong’s latest campaign was shot at the Out of Africa Restaurant, an eccentric venue known for its interesting and charismatic d├ęcor as well as its beautiful unique flavors, internationally recognized head chef and owner Hassan M’Souli teamed up with Mutesi to shoot the collection.

“The prints and shapes in the furniture and the rustic edge was the perfect back-drop for emphasizing the African influences of each piece.

“Achea-Mpong features bright colours, patterns and clever layering in the design of each dress, so every girl can become the queen of her desert.” She says.

When describing the girl who wears the Achea-Mpong design, Mutesi states, “She is a girl that travels a lot. She is a confident girl that loves shopping one of a kind pieces.  She loves making a statement wherever she goes. People always ask her ‘where did you get that dress?’ Above all, she is a hardworking girl.”

With dreams to dress, Beyonce, Jessica Mauboy, Sarah Murdoch, Rihanna, Charlotte Dawson and Naomi Campbell in particular, and looks up to the designer gods on the stage of fashion like Gucci, Robert Cavali, Givenchy and Australia’s own Alex Perry, we think this rising star is one to watch!

What do you endeavor to achieve professionally by the end of 2012?
A recognized worldwide label and designer.

If you weren’t designing clothes, what would you be doing?
I always wanted to be a lawyer.

Who are your style icons?
Victoria Beckham

When you’re not working, what are you doing?
Looking up trends, window shopping, reading blogs and fashion sites, going to fashion shows, going to church, socializing and watching movies with friends and having a laugh.


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