Sunday, January 29, 2012


I totally forgot i bought a demin tshirt so similar to this from ASOS not long ago that is hanging in my wardrobe with the tag still on it. Obviously haven't worn it just yet. But i realised i can put together a similar outfit to this girl from the gazillion items in my wardrobe. I have a pair of Style Stalker white pleated shorts that i picked up on sale at work for $25 and a snake skin bag that i bought to use as my uni bag this year while i was at Chadstone a few weeks ago in Melbourne. I shall post and outfit of this very soon!

I also just realised i have a similar blazer like this that i bought at ZARA while i doing my internship when it first opened in Sydney last year. I believe my mum has claimed it hers, but i just might have to steal it back! Would look perfect over a white dress and my tanned Hermes belt!

For those of you who are not familiar with this gorgeous girl, Brydie is the author of fashion blog WOLFCUB CHRONICLES- A blog I have no doubts you will all love just as much as i do. Totally love her outfit here, amazing collection of a monochromatic pallet, managing to look so sophisticated and expensive working with none other than affordable Australian designers. Keep a close eye on this girl, and follow her as she goes to a major fashion school in Sydney in only a few days! Brydie, you are certainly one to watch!

Images via; Wolfcub Chronicles, Garry Pepper Vintage, Harper and Harley, Where Did You Get That?

For all you Lovers out there wondering why on earth am i up so late? Let me firstly blame the Australian Open Mens Final playing on my TV. Raphael Nadal is way too sexy to dare turn off the TV. Secondly i have been organising my wardrobe (yet again) making sure all my shorts/skirts are together and in colour co-ordination, then all my coloured and printed pants are all together etc... Thirdly i have to blame these stunning outfits worn by these inspiring bloggers whom i follow everyday! As you can see above, despite it being 12:45am my head is swarming with outfit ideas that I'm going to get onto tomorrow. Which is just one more thing on my massive TO DO list tomorrow along with quitting my gym membership (yep, i am daring to do that). ONLY because my boyfriend and i are really saving to go to America in July and are getting our flights booked tomorrow, which means one thing...POVERTY, until i save some more money to spend spend spend! Which means ill be running around the blog these days instead... Tomorrow, i also need to gather up the remainder of my uni stationary (there is nothing that thrills me more), while also writing my first feature article for the website i am interning for about an up and coming Australian fashion designer called ACHEA MPONG. I'll be sure to upload the feature story on here as soon as it completely....i am making my staring date tomorrow, and my deadline tomorrow night! Sleep tight Lovers, i hope these pics make you as rested as they make me feel.

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