Bianca De Candia is 21 years old, and is currently in her fourth year studying a double degree in Journalism and Creative Writing and Communication at the University of South Australia. She has a huge love and passion for all things fashion, art and lifestyle. LOVER OF THE KING is a place where Bianca can unleash her thoughts and imagination in a place where she can completely let loose. She has experience in writing through various placements at magazines such as WHO, Shop Till You Drop, Girlfriend, Marie Claire and Cleo Magazine. She is currently a contributing fashion writer for a website called Melbourne Girl ( Bianca endeavours to move to Sydney in the very near future and pursue her love of fashion and writing in the big city. New York holds a very special place in her heart, and she looks forward to continuing her love affair with the electric city one day soon. 

"I am visually drawn and inspired by the gift and underbelly of fashion, culture and art"-Bianca De Candia

May you enjoy all that LOVER OF THE KING has to offer.


Bianca x