Sunday, January 29, 2012


On this marvellous Monday with its breezy weather i couldn't be happier. I could not be happier that we (as a state) are having a break - if only for the day- away from the stinking hot weather that has been experienced the past few weeks. I can't help but be angry when its hot and I'm having to stand at work in my own personal sauna sweating (mainly because the air conditioner at the front of the shop is broken) and the front door must stay open. So to have the day off today and be able to sleep in after that insanely late Australian Open tennis match night is amazing and i couldn't be any more content than i am right now. I even got most of the jobs i had on my TO DO list done. I got a call from my travel agent today who told me our flights to America have been booked!, i just went into the gym to cancel my gym membership (and to my surprise i only have one more payment of $30 and then it is cancelled which is great), i had some delicious salmon sushi for lunch, i even found my pair of leopard print jeans that i purchased from Forever 21 last year, and i am wearing them today (i was even more happier when i realised they still fit! PHEWF), and to top it all off, it was announced that one of my best friends Alex will be returning home from her trip overseas tomorrow! I miss her, i haven't seen her since before Christmas, and we can go back to our usual cheap date nights every Tuesday night at Sushi Train on Gouger street. Anyways lovers, i must be off, my cousin Anita and i are cooking up an oriental extravaganza tonight! starting off with Cold Rolls and then to the main mean.. PAD THAI! Will let you know how it goes tomorrow xxx

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