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Firstly I apologise that these images aren't very sharp!

It was only recently that I was introduced to Lauren Damelian's AW13 collection 'Solitudinarian'. It's an ultra feminine collection of 70's meets the 2000s injecting pants and cowl necks with the very on trend colour of raspberry and cool tweeds. 

While I'm not usually a massive fan of wearing pink and pretty dresses, I am truly obsessing over her masculine yet feminine deep plunging necklines, tailored jackets, cigarette style pants and peplums- there is really something for everyone to try from this collection this season!

I had the lucky opportunity to speak with Lauren and ask her a few questions about this amazingly strong, bold and flirty new collection of hers. 

1. Is there a story behind the name of the collection 'Solitudinarian'
            Solitudinarian literally refers to a person leading a solitary or secluded life. My collection is a play on the word; it’s not actual solitude, but rather being independent of the influences and trends around you. It’s the ability to maintain your originality such that you metaphorically stand alone.

2. Where did you draw inspiration for this collection?
            I start all my collections from something simple, developing the idea as I finalise fabrics and colours. I often draw inspiration from nature, and this certainly was the case for this collection with the use of softer and earthier tones. I was quite strongly inspired by the working woman in this collection which has come across in the modern style suits and matching options.

3. How would you say this collection epitomises the typical Australian woman?
            The ‘typical’ Australian woman does not really exist, we are all so different in our own right. This collection was designed to suit such a range of women and adapt to the style of the wearer rather than vice versa. The garments and the stories within the collection work for the typical Australian woman by allowing her to illustrate what her personal style is.

4. What kind of girl do you see wearing your designs?
            I design for the kind of woman who cares about fashion and style and wants to inject her personality into what she wears and how she styles herself. I care a lot about confidence and independence so I want women to feel that way when they wear Lauren Damelian.

5. How has your brand evolved, and where would you like to see your brand going in the near future?
            It feels like we just started yesterday, the label is still only less than two years old. Each day there is more to learn and overcome. All the lessons and hurdles so far have resulted in the refinement of the product.
Despite running a successful e-boutique on our website, one major goal is to be stocked in boutiques around Australia so that people can see the detail of the garments and feel the quality of the fabrics.

6. What designers influence you and why?
            I follow the work and appreciate a lot of designers as artists but they do not necessarily influence my designs. I even surprise myself sometimes by what inspires me to design. It’s usually a simple thing such as a song, a scene, or even just a feeling.

7. What advice could you give to aspiring designers?
            As much passion as you may have for designing or being creative, like any business, I think it’s really important that you learn all the key elements of the trade yourself so that you have an understanding of the industry you’re getting involved in. It’s a learn as you go process – I am definitely still learning.


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