Tuesday, January 29, 2013


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I have done some serious thrift shopping this week. For those snobby fashionistas (like I used to be) who cringe their nose at the thought of "vintage", let me assure you all, op shops are an untapped resource. I am amazed by how many knock offs and look-a-likes of designer pieces I have found in the past two days which haven't exceeded 20 buckaroos! 

For my beautiful Adelaide readers who are wanting to know where to go... HAVE NO FEAR! I got you covered. While some i'd like to remain a secret, i'll let you in on the best one I go to. The Goodwill Basement on Hindley street. Dodgy I know, but I can assure you, you won't leave empty handed if your willing to really rummage. Like any thrift store, you need to be prepared to look hard through the crap, before you strike gold. 

So far this week I have bought myself:

1. Nike silver bomber jacket
2. A leather backpack (perfecto for uni)
3. A pair of mens Valentino slouchy blue denim jeans... yes I repeat VALENTINO for $8
4. An oversized camel coloured coat
5. A black quilted vest with a collar (similar to the Josh Goot heartthrob we all know and love)
6. A pair of black leather pants (yes, I bought real leather pants for $20 which fit like a glove)

I'll be back on the prowl tomorrow for shiz, and keep checking as i'll be taking some snapshots of my finds!

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  1. Whaaaat! They are great finds cant wait to see, I've never been to the goodwill in town but it's just topped my to do list, thank you!