Saturday, September 29, 2012


Images via; Lover Of The King

Well, I told you I would be bringing you the goods upon my return from Sydney, and the goods I am bringing! 

I was a lucky little ducky last friday when I arrived in Sydney, having the amazing opportunity to pay a visit to the beautiful girls at BeSpoke PR Agency. The office was a refreshing mix of fashion and interior design all rolled into one. There were endless racks of sartorially famous brands, a few of my favourites being Acne and Phillip Lim, and my current obsession being a scull scented candle just laying there looking awesome! Lucky me got to have a little play of dress ups while I was there! 

Now on to the real reason why I was in Sydney, (no not a holiday, even though, for those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, it may have seemed that way) was because of an internship at Shop Till You Drop Magazine. 

As always, I return home exhausted (and a case of the sniffles) being worked to the bone as a little 'workie' as they call it, literally doing the dreaded 'coffee runs' amongst other tasks like researching for story ideas. 

I will forever and always have a love affair with good old Sydney, maybe its the aesthetics of it, or maybe it's the fact that all the major offices of every Australian fashion magazine lay there, but if all goes to plan, one day in the near future I hope to be living there, in Surry Hills please!

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