Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Today it almost slipped my mind that it was 9/11. I think since my recent travels to New York makes this day sort of hit home to me. Walking around the city, the ambience is just insane. It is by far the most amazing place i have ever visited. It's so alive - a place where I'm sure all dreams come true. To think that something so disgustingly tragic could happen to a place like this is hard to comprehend. When i was there i found myself walking the streets, trying to put myself in the shoes of the New Yorkers who had experienced it.
Visiting the 9/11 memorial was surprisingly the most humble place. Who would have thought that a place where so much drama happened, leaves a peaceful, serene feeling. So with all this in mind, may i pledge that i will never forget the people of 9/11. 

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  1. Wow my skin is crawling just thinking of that one day that changed everyones existence as we new it.