Friday, August 10, 2012


Images via; They All Hate Us, Helen Glory, Tumblr

This entire post makes me completely and utterly happy. From the beauty of Behati, to the outrageously sexiness from David Beckem. The two toned nails from the amazing chiki babes at Helen Glory have certainly got my heart racing, and i mimicked this look tonight, i definitely advice you all to give it a try. And finally the oh so amazing Cartier Love Bangle, which i am now a proud owner of 3! Thanks to my recent travels to NYC, i can safely say those beauties will be a revolving change over on my wrist from now until infinity and beyond! I hope you all have an amazing weekend lovers! I know ill make mine a relaxing one of working, dinner with great friends and a nice Sunday morning run down at the beach. Lets pray for no rain! Sleep tight sunshines! XXX


  1. david is such a babe so jeal of your Cartier pieces, x

  2. Thanks for the kind words and the blog mention! Glad you like the manicure! Awesome blog :)

    Claudia Helen (Helen Glory)