Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy new year lovers! I'm sorry for my absence the past few days... the lucky girl i am got a Mac Book pro from Santa this year and I've slowly but surely been trying to convert my folders from my old ancient laptop to this hipster new baby. Im yet to still finish...Anyways i hope you all had a fabulous start to your new year... may it be a year to leap and take risks, a year to step outside the square, a year to laugh and most importantly a year to conquer! Just as i promised myself and of course my readers in 2012 were outfit posts! While this next post might not be of my outfit (since I'm planning of laying around my pool in my bikini all day and i won't scare you all away by taking photos of me in that costume...) i thought i would start off with a bedroom post. This is simply a post of my up to date, unusually clean room... (i lied.. I'm a neat freak its usually this clean unless I'm rushing to get dressed.. in that case, the cleanliness of my room is a completely different story.)

My bedroom is 95% vintage with the remaining 5% percent being my non vintage clothes. Yet, even they seem to articulate a vintage vibe at times with some marvellous hand me down pieces from my ever so fashionable mumma and grandma.

 This dressing table is a vintage piece i picked up from an antique shop on Magill road... this item along with most of my other furniture in my room was also brought from the same store... sadly it no longer lives...

 This chair was given to me by my grandma... its an old old old piece, weighs a ton, but looks fabulous. The fur vest... yes sadly it is real...was my mothers from the 80's which she picked up in Italy while she was holidaying way before my time... its a perfect statement item in my room and is always subject to many many compliments.
 Yes... my wardrobe is busting at the seams...i am pleased to note i have recently also taken over the wardrobe in our guest room... yes thats right!

 The shoes... but wait! there are more...
 and more...
 and more!
 everything is colour co-ordinated.. this is another symptom of my ultra clean freak persona... all the coat hangers MUST be wooden also. Yeah i need to get a life.

 More shoes!
 These are just a few of the many clutches i have.. the rest live in my other cupboard.
 Let me introduce you to my vintage Missoni bedspread. Some may say it repulsive, others may love it just as i do! It was handed down to me from my mumma.. thanks mum! The letters which spell out my name were purchased from Freedom for like 50 cents each... obviously they ran out of most letters at the time so the capital B is made from two d's the A is a V and the C is a U... clever i thought!

 I love love love my retro side table, and especially my Tigerlilly scented candle.
 This is the house of all my Vogue magazines...locked with a key.
And finally... my jewllerly mannequin which i also bought from an antique shop on Magill road along with this skirt she wears.


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