Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Scarf.

There is no doubt that i will be wearing a megga collection of scarves on my little trip to Melbourne. I am adoring them at the moment, so much that my chest has lost its summer tan from being shaded from the sunshine all winter so far! They pretty much jazz up any outfit. I have been wearing so much black lately, but when i team a simple outfit with a bright red woolen oversized scarf, or even a shade or grey to break up the dullness, you can never go wrong! I am certainly loving my oversized black woolen Country Road scarf that i bough at the end of summer, im so excited i can finally wear it! Even my leopard print scarf has come into GREAT use so far! My scarf draw is almost busting at the seams, im having to resort to hanging them over a coat hanger!

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