Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Escape from the Wild and Wooly

Cold is an understatement to describe little old Melbourne! I have never so far in my life experienced weather more cold in my life! Getting out of Adelaide was soo wonderful though. Layering was certainly the MUST DO while i was over there, even with three layers the air just ripped right through me. I didnt go anywhere without a scarf, in fact i bought yet another 'loop' scarf to add to my collection. This time it was white, a colour so removed from the repetive blackness my wardrobe has turned into. A big fashion trend i noticed while i was over there was the 'nerd' glasses which i conformed to when i bought a $30 pair when i was on Bridge Road. Blazers also were a popular addition to the winter outfit in Melbourne, completed with a plain grey, white or black scarf. I totally regret not bringing my black blazer with me, my next most wanted item is a grey blazer!

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