Monday, April 5, 2010


(I am Wearing: Target leopard print gumboots, target leggins, lovely girl denim shirt, collection of rings, and Quarts mens watch)

What a gross day! The crazy Adelaide weather marked its territory last night. It did not stop raining at all, for the whoooole night! CRAZY! i dont mind it raining, but i hate it when it is humid like it was today! Nothing i could put on would satisfy me. And, to make matters worse our power went out from 7 this morning, and didnt come back on until 11:30am. What is a girl to do without POWER!? I couldnt wait any longer to pick up my layby, so i got into my car and drove to Sportsgirl in town- stopped by Gloria Jeans to pick up a skinny soy hot chocolate on the way.. and wala! I NOW HAVE MY LAYBY IN MY VERY OWN HANDS! As you can see... my brother and i were VERY VERY bored when we got home to see that the power still had not come on, and i saw it as a great opportunity to take some photos of my outfit. Its a pretty casual outfit, i havent really put in much effort today... but i am LOVING my new leopard print gumboots. And i was so excited to whip them out today when i saw all the rain!

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