Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i want i want i want

It seems that my little pay roll at Gloria Jeans just doesnt cater for all the amazing "winter essentials" (is what i call them...) i have been seeing all over the internet! I am currently obsessed wit these insane winter shoes i stumbled by on the TOPSHOP website... and just hate knowing that can't buy them all! and on other websites that sell these amazing vintage "one off" items.. i just cannot resist! I shouldn't even be thinking about shopping right now after still paying off my Marc Jacobs vintage clutch (which i have $100 left to pay)... but in the midst of the cooler weather, i can't think of anything better than to snuggle my feet into a pair of black suede winter wedges, or get cosy in an oversized cardigan. I am getting so over this summer weather... i cant wait to sit at home with a huge cup of steamy tea or hot chocolate and cuddle up with my Minky Blanket and heat bag on a rainy Saturday night.

Long weekend this weekend... THANKS ADELAIDE CUP! Saturday night i went out for my friend Hannah's 18th birthday... started off with pre drinks.. then went to the General Havelok and then went down good ol' Hindley street to my favourite night club, Mojo West. I was so devostated i old my ticket to future music.. i was soo excited to see The Prodigy and David Guetta! It always seems that a long weekend STILL isnt long enough..

(I am Wearing: Vintage Missoni gold Necklace, Rubi Black heels, Vintage Missoni gold cuffs, Vintage Gianni Versace clutch, Dress from Landez in Melbourne -cant remember brand, the tag fell off)

Uni has been okay i guess... I havent really learnt anything yet to say whether or not i like it or not..ive just had a whole lot of unexplained homework & assignments. It's so weird having to use my brain again... even worse.. A PEN!

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