Wednesday, March 3, 2010

bad day

Today hasn't exactly been the best day on record. And i am here to complain alll about it. It all started with my splitting headache waking me up at 9am this morning. Despite already needing to wake up for uni (which started at 11) i was keen for at least a half an hour longer of sleep. After a quick brekki and shower i drove down to Norwood to get some sushi for lunch and a much needed coffee from Gloria Jeans. All was okay unitl... i could not find my phone ANYWHERE! i searched the car high and low, cleaned out my handbag, i even drove all the way back home to look for it.. and still no sign of it. When i finally went back into the car to have one last search through my handbag.. there is was... MY GOOD OLD SMASHED I PHONE WAS HIDING IN THE POUCH OF MY HAND BAG ALL ALONG! With only 30 mins left to drive all the way to Magill uni.. i finally arrived, to sadly see there were absolutely no parking spots left for me! FINALLY after driving around in countless circles, and reverse and accelerating skills.. i found a park! (not too sure if it was a legal park or not, but it did the trick). Lucky for me, i made it to my first tutorial on time. WOO. First exercise we had to do in my tute was a news quiz. GREAT. i could not have done worse. 5 and 3/4 out of 15 to be exact... and to make my morning even worse, we had to call out our result in front of the whole class! HOW HUMILIATING! Then.. we got put into study groups which we have to work in for our second assignment, and i miss out by one person not getting put with my friend Amelia - being the only other girl at uni who i know. My day slowly improved after lunch when i finally made my first uni friend! YAY! Now i dont look like a total loser in EVERY tute!... i completed my day with another lovely dinner at Lemon Grass on Rundle street with Bre and Anna, and taking a lovely stroll through 'The Garden of Unearlthy Delights'... yet again.

Im lucky that i can just look at these amazing pictures and they make my bad day be filled with sunshine again.

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