Monday, December 3, 2012


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Due to hearing some pretty ground breaking news earlier tonight, I have got to thinking about how I personally take for granted all the beautiful things the world offers. I guess we all go through life thinking terrible things could never happen to us. To think that we are invincible is a comforting thought, because i mean, really, who wants to go through life knowing that time is ticking, and we won't be here forever? But I guess that notion comes a bit too close for comfort when it's someone close to you who gets that sickening shock of reality. I always thought I did live my life to the fullest, but it's when I just sat down on my bed tonight, starring at my ceiling that I realised, my priorities are SO out of order. While fashion is the thing that keeps me happy and motivated, starving myself so that I can afford the latest Sass n Bide dress instead of buying dinner is not my idea of a happy life (while the Sass n bide purchase is beautiful) when you come to your last moments in life, does it really matter? I think not. Lately I have been on the strictest diet to lose some kilos for summer, when all I really want is to nibble on some delicious chocolate. And why shouldn't i? Life isn't about depriving yourself, it's about doing everything that makes you happy. When my time comes i'd like to be certain that i have covered every surface of this universe. Eaten every food under the sun (obviously not to be obese) and have done everything in my power to make sure my life was a great life.

So this post is to all of you out there (like myself) who sometimes need that odd reality check, to put you back in place- exactly where you belong.


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