Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Images via; My Manifesto, Snob Fashion Blog, The Libertine, They All Hate Us

Look out 2013, for it will be the year of many changes to LOVER OF THE KING. Get yourselves ready for a whole new look and greater content filled with interviews, a heavy focus on outfit posts, and much more inspiration to keep your hearts fluttering. As I hit a milestone in my life, yes the big 21, I have flipped back a few posts to go back to the very start. Yes all the way back to the days as an 18 year old teenager starting this blog to finally express my love for fashion coming out of high school. It's amazing to document how my style and love for fashion has evolved over the years, as I will continue to do in the future.

 I give my thanks to the other GREAT fashion bloggers out there who have supplied me with the ever expanding sources of inspiration. Fashion today is even more iconic because of girls like me and you expressing real thoughts and passions for fashion. 

As I am about to tackle and to much hope conquer my final year of university, I know 2013 is in for a great year. While I'm sure there will be many ups and downs, I hope you, my loyal readers will continue on this journey with me. You couldn't imagine how much you all motivate me to keep producing this blog everyday, the process is so much more fun knowing its inspiring beautiful people like you. It really is wonderful to know there are girls out there who are just like me reading this blog (as I do) to seek just a little something more!



  1. First of all, happy birthday!
    Second, well I can't wait to see all the changes and content, it's always exciting to see something you put a lot of effort and passion into grow and transform over time. And to others it's always inspiring. 2013 sounds like an exciting year for you, so much ahead of you! It's always great to read a blog of someone with the same interests, sometimes i feel alienated and as if I speak a different language when I try and talk fashion so the 'blogosphere' is great in that respect.
    Anyway, have a good Christmas and happy new year,
    would love to see if santa ends up spoiling you with one of those bags too ;)

    X KATE

    1. Thankyou so much for the kind words Kate! I wish you a very mary Christmas and a Happy New Year! xxx