Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Images via; Lover Of The King (via Instagram, username: biancadecandia)

Welcome to the cave of LOVER OF THE KING. This is basically where I do most of my blogging, sometimes I'm actually in my bed. I think it's the place that inspires me most, as I'm surrounded by so many different pieces I have collected, or been given to me over the past few years.

When it came to designing my bedroom, I allowed my love for interior design to unleash. I don't particularly like matchy matchy things, so as time went on I basically put together all the pieces I had collected and somehow made them all work.

I have a mixture of vintage, retro and ultra modern in my room. It's this mix which I believe gives the room the character is possesses. My bedside table is a 70's retro style, while my lamp is a vintage chandelier.

I recently re-painted my feature wall grey. I felt like it was time for a more neutral look being in my 20's. My Hermes boxes stacked up on my bedside table really come to life with the grey wall behind them. On my Christmas wish list this year, I am dying for a new Ralph Lauren quilt cover with bright orange cushions and my ultimate would be to get a Hermes throw rug to chuck on the end of my bed. Grey and orange is my favourite colour marriage at the moment.

Candles and coffee table books are my ultimate love. They give a room a personal touch, whether it be a particular scent or a style of book. Burning at the moment is my Tigerlily candle, it smells so delicious and has somehow lasted a whole year- despite the fact that I burn it all the time. I cannot wait to crack alight my brand new coconut & lime Glasshouse candle soon though!

When it comes to my closet, my regime is to organise by style and colour. I had everything colour coordinated at one point, but I felt like all the items just meshed into one colour and I couldn't properly see what I had, and would forget to wear new clothes. So, by dividing all my dresses up by style (i.e. maxis, shirt dresses, Tshirt dresses, tight dresses etc) and then colour coding them within these sections allows me to know exactly what i have, and when it comes to getting dressed I can find the exact style i am after. 

My wardrobe is overflowing these days though, since my love of fashion seems to be upping the anty as days go by. The spillover rack (as I like to call it) is one I have basically made as my high rotation rack. It's all the items I wear a lot. It just makes it easier for me to see what I have and helps me get dressed faster in the mornings (sort of).

The same goes for my shoes. There are shoe racks in my closet, however I cleared our my book cabinet and made that a place where my highly rotated shoes can live. They are also my favorite pairs, so I don't mind having them on show since I paid so much money for them.

I am quite the neat freak, and I think that it's definitely illustrated in my bedroom. There is a place for everything. If you are interested in have a sneak peak into my wardrobe, I am having a market stall with one of my girlfriends, selling all my old clothes on Sunday 21st October. So to all my Adelaide readers out there, pencil it in your diaries, you can expect some well known brands to be on the racks!


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