Friday, August 24, 2012



Tshirt: - T by Alexander Wang
Pants- Helmut Lang
Sunnies- Alexander Wang
Beanie- Hemlut Lang
Coat- Helmut Lang
Boots- Alexander Wang
Watch- Michael Kors
Bag- Alexander Wang

My typical street style outfit lately. Floral/printed pants, white tshirt, beanie (to cover up my dirty hair) and my really really warm Michael Kors coat, or my black fur beauty. I swear fur this winter has been a winner because since I've been back from America I've been freezing my little ass off! My Michael Kors watch has not left my wrist, although mine is gold, the next thing to save up for is a silver one! My prized possession is my Alexander Wang handbag, i bought one just like in my set above. Its the love of my life at the moment. And of course those Alexander Wang boots are in my dreams every night! Chrissy and my 21st birthday are in 4 months, it could be possible? Right?

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