Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Images via; Pinterest

So, I'm currently in the process of redecorating my bedroom, and planning my 21st birthday party. Ok i know my birthday is at the end of December, but a party takes much planning, and at the moment I'm just collecting a scrapbook worth of pictures of beautifully decorated long dinner tables. Im wanting a nice dinner at my house in my backyard, with a long table full of all my amazing friends and decorated to the nines!

 As for my bedroom, well a few weeks back i painted it a light grey. No not Fifty Shades of Grey, just one shade...and I'm currently looking around for a nice new bedspread. Minimalism is the look I'm going for, with the bedspread that is. Im wanting perhaps white, or a neutral shade with bright orange pillows. Orange and grey look fabulous together. 

Overtime i am planning on going to a few home wear stores, and even while i am travelling, and aiming to collect pieces for my bedroom. I know when i eventually move out, i want a house or loft that is covered in amazing collectable pieces i have gathered over the years of my life. But for now, with a tight-ass uni student bank account, I think i'm going to have to just settle with these inspiring pictures, and dream that one day my home interior will look the same!


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  1. Lov your work Lover good luck with the room