Saturday, June 9, 2012


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Call me a loser, or whatever you want. But it's a Saturday night and i am all snuggled in bed with my electric blanked on HIGH, watch The Nutty Professor (which is bringing back some megga childhood memories), and making some finishing touches to a little something something i have organised for my Boyfriend, Anton's 21st Birthday party tomorrow night. He really turns 21 when we are in New York next month, however he is celebrating a little early before uni exams start. I am so cosy on this freezing cold sat night i couldn't be happier doing anything else. 

Earlier on tonight, my brother and i had to be "door bitches" In the freezing cold at my boyfriends little brothers 14th birthday party. I totally forgot what it was like when i was 14. I honestly thought i was invincible. I always wanted to act older than my age, and thats exactly like these girls i saw tonight. What ever happened to the good old days of being the coolest person around if you wore Dunlop Volleys and shopped at sports girl (when it was boring and old school). I don't even think i owned a pair of heels, unlike the girls walking past me tonight. Goodness me, i guess I'm getting old? Nah, I'm only 20!

Have an amazing long weekend! I know i will.

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