Sunday, June 3, 2012


Images Via; Shop Till You

I love love love Australian interiors. They are so fresh, simple yet chic. They accumulate all the fine traits Australia is known for. It's laid back attitude, with a stylish cutting edge. There is nothing i love more than constantly freshening up the inside of my room, weather it be just rearranging the items in it, or changing my bedspread to give it a completely different feel. At the moment i have a feature wall that is a baby pink. As I'm growing up, I'm moving towards colours which i know will take me into my adult hood (hint hint mum and dad... I'm not going anywhere! SORRY! ) So the plan is once i get back from America, I'm going to slip slop and slap on a new feature wall! So my interior folder on my computer will be getting a megga workout for the next month or so! If you love it just like me, ENJOY! 

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