Monday, May 28, 2012


Images via; Afterdark, Wolfcub, Hawaiin Coconut

It was the calm before the storm last week in regards to my uni work. I had a one week allowing myself a breather, and this week the walls came crashing down once again, beginning with a practice editing exam tomorrow, and a presentation on Thursday YUCK! 

I hope your weeks have been going all well and good, better than mine at least! America is getting closer and closer, it's the only thing getting me through every day of uni. I am on a mission to buy myself a brand new camera (duty free) before i go, any ideas on whats good? 

I keep asking myself, what the hell am i going to do when I'm back into the swing of things upon my return? Back into second semester of uni...The thought of that also deserves one big, gigantic YUCK! 

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