Saturday, April 21, 2012


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 Hey babies, I'm back! so sorry, I'm back for good this time. No more sneaky trips to Sydney i promise. I am so exhausted. Interning at Marie Claire was such an amazing experience, but i tell you what, it certainly took it out of me. After every day i was screwed! I had the honour of playing in the fashion closet which is heaven in itself. And even just sitting at a desk i was able to watch the latest Acne collection waltz past me, worn by the fashion editors in the office. Those girls have such exquisite style. One of the fashion editors, Chloe sartorially inspired me so much! One day she wore, army printed pants, leopard print heels and a black and white thin stiped tshirt! The clash of colours and prints actually worked really well, and i cannot wait to try a trend like that here in Adelaide very soon. We shall see how that goes... I endured so much inspiration in just the week i was there. I feel like my style is always changing, and within a week, it has made some very vast changes. I bought some amazing shoes that look like those Prada platform brogues. You know the ones with the multicoloured platform wedge? Yep i got mine for half the price! I finally got me a leather dress! which without a doubt will be my winter go to this year.  I also bought some other cute little nick nacks along the way! Anyways lovers, I'm so tired and cannot wait to catch up on some much needed sleep! I have a huge day tomorrow for my friends wedding, it will be beautiful and i cannot wait to wear my new lace dress. Ill be sure to post some photos of my outfit for you all to see. Until next time, sweet dreams!

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