Monday, March 19, 2012


 Images via; Unknown

Im off to Sydney on Sunday for my internship with Who magazine. I have been recklessly trying to organise myself uni wise so i can spend some quality time in my wardrobe putting together outfits for the week ahead. I bought myself this amazing 'Staple' blue floral blazer and a 'Staple' white and charcoal shirt dress that i styled together on the mannequins at work the other day, and decided they look amazing together. I think ill pull that outfit for the first day that I'm there, the blazer is an instant statement piece. I also recently purchased this bronzy, gold dress with 3/4 sleeve which looks amazing with a gold chocker necklace. The sleeves are the perfect length for this unpredictable Sydney weather they have been having lately. My third outfit which i have planned is a mustard loose blouse which looks great with this black leather skirt i have, and my new Wittner ankle boots. My final outfits are yet to be planned but I'm thinking of wearing a little Cameo since its my favourite Australian label and lets face it, a Cameo piece never goes astray. Any ways lovers its 11:30pm and I'm still awake on my computer doing uni work... I'm getting majorly side tracked by ASOS! Sweet dreams to all you lucky ones who are snuggled up in bed right now! xxx


  1. You should definitely photograph your own outfits B, they sound amazing!
    Best of luck with the internship...eeee are you excited/nervous?

  2. Thanks lovely Zannia! I actually might start doing outfit posts today! my camera is screwed atm being the reason for my lack of outfit posts so i might have to resort to the good old computer camera. Stay tuned! would love to hear what you think of them! xxx

  3. "Fantastic this piece on your wardrobe neds to be published" maybe show WHO mag when your there they may use the story. Good luck ps u look amazing in your outfit

    1. oh thank you so much! your comment was such a lovely thing to read! do you have a blog i can follow? xxx