Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 Images via; Lover of The King

So I'm slightly a neat freak. Everything has to have its own place and be in order, hence the colour coordination I've got going on in my wardrobe. As you can see its absolutely busting at the seams, i cannot possibly fit one more hanger in there, and the sad thing is I'm going to America in 3 months and I'm 100% going to be bringing home a wardrobe full of things! Stay tuned because myself and two other extremely fashionable girls are putting out heads together to create an amazing stall at the Gilles Street Markets in April. (like i said, stay tuned for the finer details) Anyways, my wardrobe is organised with all dress on one rack, all tops on the two smaller racks, and all my skirts/shorts and jackets on the remaining longer rack. I am in need of another clothing rack so i can reorganise and see things a lot easier. One problem, i have no-where to put it! Anyways i would love to hear all about your wardrobe mantra's, how do you organise yours? Im always reorganising and would love to hear of other ways i might be able to do that, so leave a comment below my lovers! 

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