Monday, February 13, 2012


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I am wishing so much right now that i am in New York this month instead of July... attending NYFW would have just been amazing. My heart was racing as i was clicking through the slides of Alexander Wang's collection for Fall 2012/13. The impeccably tailored leather jackets are skirts makes me wish that i was a detective in Law and Order... in fact i think the whole cast of that show would look great in this collection... that would certainly tune me into watching it every week!

My promise for this week is to upload daily a post or two of the latest collections hot off the runway, so you too can sit at home (cosy in bed if you're like me) envious of all the sartorial royalty sitting in the front row of these fashion shows. But hey, reading about it on a blog has gotta be the next best thing! Stay tuned! More designers and more amazingness to drool over is coming right up!


  1. Sorry doll but this is just Alexander Wang, not his T collection. That will most likely be shown later this week in a presentation rather than a catwalk show.
    But I loved all the 'supers' casted for the show, he had the best line up so far for the season!

    I'd kill to be in the four fashion cities this month! Literally kill.

    1. Aw thanks for the heads uo chiki! and yes I'm with you there! i'd also kill to be at all the fashion weeks this year! one day i hope haha xxx