Thursday, December 1, 2011


Without gloating... i feel like the Missoni family is my claim to fame in a small way. Let me some complicated way, i am somewhat related to the Missoni's. In fact, we had Tonia Missoni's brother over for dinner a few months ago! Mum was loving life when she recieved a present from them...a Missoni towel set! I would have been happy just with the Missoni paper bag! So there you some small way i feel close to this label. It was the first designer label to be hanging in my wardrobe. Two vintage Missoni dresses my mum was given by the family when she stayed at their beautiful Mansion in Milan in the 80's. Of course i tweeked them slightly, but dresses like theirs are timeless with their iconic pattern. They get better with age. Just like a great red wine. Just gorgeous.

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