Monday, April 11, 2011

Off to the Captial of 'F'

So im totally getting ready to jet set off to work at Cleo in Sydney. Im super duper excited and cannot wait to walk through the doors of the ACP building on Park Street. Dont worry ladies, as of the next week i'll just be kicking back with the sartorially glam ladies of Cleo, Harperz Bazaar, Vogue, Shop Till You Drop and many more....what a hard life!

I guess with Rosemount Sydney Fashion Week creeping up it will be mayhem organising stories and journalists to attend the shows. What a life it may be huh? Waking up in the morning and the hardest decision you'd have to make all day is "do i wear the white blazer or the black one" hummmmmm all we can do is dream right?

Therefore, all this commotion about Fashion Week has inspired me to reflect on our Australian fashionistas and pretty much all things Ozzi! You dont have to travel as far as Europe to see Fashion and culture, its right here in our very own Capital of 'F'!

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