Friday, August 6, 2010


I bought a jumper that is quite similar to this one today from LAX. Its bright purple and it's the 'Something Else' brand. I have been constantly walking in and out of that store the past couple of weeks and have had my eye on the jumper for quite some time now. Despite winter ALMOST comming to an end, i will be able to wear it over my shoulders in summer when i wear my white silk t-shirt tucked into my denim cut-off high waisted shorts. I am sick yet again... this time with a cold, of course i get sick the weekend i have off of work! but but but i was planning on heading to the Alma on Saturday night and taking my new little purchase (the jumper) out for a play! Im thinking of teaming it with my high-waisted jeans, vintage gold chained necklace, YSL ring, and either my leopard print wedge boots or my black velvet wedged boots... i have 24 hours to decide!

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