Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Highly Bloggable Bad Boys.

So, maybe its their bad boy persona, or it could be their amazing accents, their impeccable style or their scruffy hair that makes my knees shake and my heart skip a beat everytime i see these two fellas.. who knows what it is about them... but one thing is for sure, Rob Pattinson and Ed Westwick are the hottest things since Cherry Cola. I believe Brad Pitt has done his dash with being the Hollywood "pin up boy" of what is considered hot... the "All American" look a like boy has done a dash, and we have suddenly moved on to the more 'scruffy' (if you like to call it) look on our hot Hollywood Heart Throbs. The fact that their style looks like they have bearly tried to look amazing, and despite seeming as though they rolled out of bed in the afternoon and threw on the closest flanalet shirt, they have somehow managed to make almost every girl in the world, ESPECIALLY ME melt to the floor when i watch whether it be Gossip Girl or Twilight. This whole new look on the boys of tinseltown have also resulted in changes of my 'ideal' kind of guy. Suprisingly i am finding myself a whole lot more attracted to the 'bad boy'... i dont know why or how but i always end up with them. Im loving scruffy hair, flanalet shirts, ripped jeans with a glass of beer in one hand and a ciggarette in the other. For me.. THAT is what is...
SO hot right now!

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