Sunday, April 11, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Monday

(I am wearing: Country Road boots, Target skinny leg high waisted jeans $30 bucks!, Sportsgirl white top, Chanel Scarf, Vintage sunnies, Wayne Cooper black leather bag, Quarts Mens watch, assorted rings, Silver Bracelet- pressi for easter)

Im on my way to meet my best friend for breakfast so it was an early wake up call this morning and i cant really stay and chat! I have been cranking all Notorious BIG music lately since watching his movie like twice over the weekend. I had the worst weekend. My party plans flew right out the window since i got sick. I have a migrane like you wouldnt believe! today was the first day i FINALLY got out of pj's! Thats all for now pretties, im signing out with kisses! XXX

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