Friday, March 12, 2010

My little black biker boots...

(Wearing: Black Sportsgirl Biker Boots, Black Target slip, Living Doll oversized demin shirt, Quarts Watch, Diva Necklace, Blue sportsgirl nailpolish)

i love love love my little black biker booties from sportsgirl. They may have cost me my arm and leg but i can just see myself living in these bad boys for the entire Adelaidian winter. Meanwhile.. i was flipping through the lates 'Attitude' magazine and cannot wait to go on a road trip to all of the cool op shops they have featured in there. I am hoping one of my friends (who wont be too drunk on sat night) would be keen go on a road trip with me this sunday avo! Its going to be nice weather anyway. And there are some hidden little pubs in there that im soo keen to try out aswell! I feel like all i have been doing lately is working and uni... no time for sleep or fun. i have been a very busy girl, with is a huge transition considering 2 weeks ago i wasn't doing much more than lazing on the couch probably putting on a billion kilos..My friend Alex and I have decided to start doing an ABT (Abs, butt & thighs) class at the gym, followed by Yoga every monday night before my membership runs out. Yes i have sadly quit my gym membership due to the 'too expensive' overload, which probably isnt the best idea considering winter is only around the corner.. but i have made myself to promise to run every day.. rain or shine. I am sooo jealous of my friend Anna who is going to move to London for 2 years in 18 days... i am dying.. I MEAN DYING to go to London! Im getting so reslous in little old Adelaide... ahhhhh!

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