Monday, February 22, 2010

My great little purchase

After an amazing lunch on O'Connel Street, i strolled past this hidden vintage shop (cannot remember the name... will let you know!). I promised myself i would'nt spend anymore money since paying off about $600 worth of laybys! I was going strong until i fell in love with this black, woolen, cable knit, vintage Country Road scarf for... $45!!!!!!!!! THAT I COULD NOT RESIST!... as i was about to walk about- after hiding my atm card deep down at the bottom of my hand bag.. i came across a vintage oversized Marc Jacobs clutch for $350. With only $40 left for me to suvive the remainder of the week, i can happily say that i will own the Marc Jacobs clutch after a few payments off the layby. I have been layby CRAZY!

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